An open letter to friends, community members and potential clients,

At age 18, I opened my first offshore brokerage account and began trading stocks from my freshman dorm room. Since then my passion for following the financial markets has transformed into how I make my living. Investing is, in my opinion, an emotional journey — one that demands discipline, trust, and perhaps most importantly, patience. As I gained experience through my trials and tribulations, I also began to understand the unfortunate complexities put in place by Wall Street and the difficulties they impose on the everyday investor. Over time my passion transformed into a desire to reduce this complexity for others and help them begin, or better, their own investment experience. After years of rendering my private opinion to friends and family, I eventually gained the clarity and inspiration to offer my services professionally to a larger group of businesses and individuals. I have foremost started this business to provide quality service to my friends and community. There is undoubtedly a need for millennials to begin investing as soon as possible, and when they do I hope they choose an advisor that views the world the same way they do. The opportunities now for managing your money are more numerous and robust than they have ever been. It would be my pleasure to have an honest conversation about what those opportunities can mean for you.

Matt Stearns


Outside of the investment world, I spend most of my free time golfing with friends and traveling the world with the money I have made in my personal stock portfolio. I have also called Germany and Hong Kong home for two short periods of time, studying business in both places respectively. After graduating from Saegertown High School in 2011, I received my secondary education from Washington & Jefferson College and played on the collegiate golf team. Upon receiving my degree, I worked in professional sales before leaving to hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail with my brother in the summer of 2016. Since returning I have committed my life to building a business where I can give back to my community, and help people pursue their own financial independence.

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Registered Investment Adviser

Washington & Jefferson College – 2015 Summa Cum Laude Bachelor’s Degrees: International Business; German